Sunday, 6 March 2016

Physical Copy v.Ebook

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The constant battle of book lovers, physical book, or ebook...
For a long time I absolutely hated the idea of an ebook, especially after having worked in a book shop and seen firsthand the effects they are having on that industry. I refused to even consider getting a kindle or ereader, no matter how convenient they might be. However, since beginning to prepare to go on exchange in Europe for university next year, I've had to consider that the ebook really is the way for me to go when moving across the world for 6 months with only one suitcase... So I thought it would be interesting to write a list of the pros and cons for both the physical book and the ebook! Here goes.

Physical books: Pros

  • They are beautiful to look at. Especially hard covers, with their gorgeous dust jackets and even more beautiful covers underneath the dust jackets. They always look incredible on your shelves.
  • They feel amazing. Nothing beats turning the page of a book and feeling it in your hands while you're reading. Sounds weird, I know, but I bet you understand exactly what I'm talking about.
  • The smell. Need I explain?

Physical books: Cons
  • They are super hard to carry around with you. Especially when travelling with limited luggage. Even when I walk to uni and want a book to read when I'm early to class, I can never be bothered taking one because it weighs down my bag so much.
  • They aren't the best for the environment, what with all the trees it takes to publish physical books.

Ebooks: Pros
  • They are super light to carry around, and therefore extremely useful for travel. 
  • They are slightly better for the environment (although the making of the actual ereader probably doesn't do the atmosphere the greatest favour).
  • You can carry thousands of books around with you at once! 

Ebooks: Cons
  • It just doesn't feel the same holding an ereader or iPad in your hand as it does to hold and turn the pages of a physical book.
  • They run out of charge!! A physical book never does that!

So I have gradually come to terms with the usefulness of the ereader, and will definitely be purchasing one before my semester abroad. However, this does not change the fact that physical books will always be my favourite!!

Let me know in the comments how you feel about the physical book/ereader debate!

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