Sunday, 28 February 2016

Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

So I've seen this tag all over booktube and book blogs and it always looks like so much fun so I've given it a go! 
How it works:
1. Pick 5 books
2. Turn to a random page
3. The first name you see gets to be on your zombie survival team (yay?)
4. Apply the characters to the 10 situations and types of people in the order you got them 5. Fret over how doomed you are.
My books:
Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare
Ruby Red by Kirstin Gier
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
Doon by Cary Corp and Lorie Langdon
Aaaand the results are:
1. The first person to die: Simon (Carry On)/ Nooo, Simon!!
2. The person you trip to get away from the zombies: Aunt Fiona (Carry On). Not super upset about this one, haha!
3. The first person to turn into a zombie: Nathaniel (Clockwork Angel). Again, not overly sad about this, to be honest...
4. The person that trips you to get away from the zombies: Tessa (Clockwork Angel). Why, Tessa?! 
5. The idiot of the team: Gideon (Ruby Red). Gideon is many things but an idiot, haha! He can be very stubborn though so I guess that would work against him sometimes in this situation.
6. The brains of the team: Lucy (Ruby Red)
7. The team medic: Augustus (TFIOS). I could see Augustus being a good medic, he is pretty level-headed and super loyal. 
8. The weapons expert: Kaitlyn (TFIOS). Kaitlyn as a weapons expert...this would not go down well whatsoever. 
9. The brawler: Fiona (Doon). Fiona is seriously the least likely person to start a brawl I could think of! She is so sweet!!
10. The team captain: Jamie (Doon). I could totally see this! Jamie is a wonderful leader in Doon and would hopefully help the team survive a bit longer. 
So, not gonna lie, this is a pretty weird team! I doubt that I'd last very long, although there are some strengths in there. 
Let me know in the comments if you've done this tag, I'd love to check it out! And if you haven't done it yet, I tag you! It's super fun. 
Love always,

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