Monday, 29 February 2016

Counting Stars by Jordan Deen - non-spoiler review


So I was lucky enough to be given access this novel by Smashwords Publishing through Netgalley. It is set to be released in April this year and is available on ebook.

I found this a very interesting read, and very different to the contemporaries that I have read before. Counting Stars follows Madison, a teen legacy whose life revolves around escorting bachelors to parties as a means of increasing her and her family's social status. This all changes when her father is involved in a terrible accident and thus requires her to escort someone rather different to her usual male companions.

Throughout much of the novel, I found Madison a very difficult character to relate to, due to her constant focus on material items and social status. However, as the story progresses you are able to view her more intricate character quirks and flaws. This is also the case with the minor characters in the novel, including Maddie's best friend Tisha.

Jordan Deen's writing style is very straightforward, and doesn't leave much room for the reader to make their own character judgments. I found this a bit of a let down, as the novel had more of a middle-grade writing style, despite it's older themes.

Overall, Counting Stars had an interesting storyline and was definitely a change from the YA novels I am used to reading. While it's not something I'd read again, I am glad that I gave it a go and would recommend picking up the ebook for a new perspective on the extremely wealthy in our societies.

Rating: 2.75/5

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