Sunday, 13 March 2016

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken - review

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I just finished Passenger by Alexandra Bracken and had to write about it immediately because holy cow I absolutely loved it!!

Passenger follows the journey of Etta, a young violin prodigy who discovers that her family is not what she had always believed. She is thrust into a time travelling adventure, during which she comes across Nicholas, a handsome sailor. They must work together to ensure the safety of Etta's loved ones and all that she has worked for towards a fulfilling future.

I absolutely adored Alexandra Bracken's writing style in The Darkest Minds, and Passenger was no exception. Her description brought to life the variety of settings and characters and allowed the reader to connect on a deeper level with the protagonists.

Her characters are rich and detailed, and you are continually learning new aspects of their personality and history. Speaking of history, this novel is full of it! It is so enriching following Etta and Nicholas into different countries and time periods and learning little details about each. Highly, highly recommend this novel!!

Rating: 5/5


I don't even know where to start! This book is definitely in my list of favourite books so far in 2016!
Let's discuss characters first. I loved the complexity of them, especially Etta and Nicholas, of course. Etta is such a strong female heroine, which is an immediate plus. Her focus on her career with the violin is a wonderful, refreshing aspect to her character, as opposed to her being solely obsessed with her love interest. I also really enjoyed her love for her family and her drive to do whatever it takes to save them.

Similarly, Nicholas has so many layers to him, he is a joy to read about! His guarded personality develops the mystery of his past, however it is clear that it hides a very soft and loving side to him. Again, his focus on his future and achieving his goal of running his own ship is inspiring.

In regards to Etta and Nicholas' romance, I thoroughly enjoyed how it wasn't insta-lovey, and the 'forbidenness' wasn't overplayed. Rather, the conflict came predominantly from both individuals being focused on their careers and not wanting to put them in jeopardy. When they do finally reveal their feelings, it feels completely natural, and comes at the perfect point in the storyline. They have such a wonderful chemistry, and challenge one another in a way that a positive relationship truly should.

Plot-wise, I frequently found myself staying up late at night, unable to put the book down due to the gripping story. I adore how Etta and Nicholas travel to different countries and times, providing such stunning imagery. Despite how drawn out the search for the astrolobe could seem, it at no point gets boring, and the threat of being caught by an Ironwood or Thorns maintians the pace.

Finally, the ending. I thought from around the middle of the novel that something serious would have to happen to either Etta or Nicholas, as it would be too obvious for him to go with her back to her time, and would completely go against his morals. Also, considering that this is not a stand-alone novel, it was inevitable that something drastic would need to occur as a final cliff-hanger. I think it was a perfect way to end the first novel in this series, with Etta disappeared and Nicholas on the hunt for her. Now I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on the sequel!!! I also enjoyed the plot twist of Sophia wanting the astrolobe for herself to make Ironwood's life hell! It added so much depth to her character and was a really clever aspect for Alexandra to include.

Overall, I obviously adored Passenger! Please let me know in the comments if you've read it, what are your thoughts, and if you haven't, are you planning to?

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  1. I haven't read this one yet. There'd been so many polarizing reviews, though. So I'm a little wary. I'm glad you enjoyed it immensely!

    1. Yeah, I have heard some mixed reviews actually! I think some people are not a fan of Alexandra Bracken's long descriptions and sometimes flowery writing style but personally I adore that sort of writing! If you're a historical fiction fan though I'd definitely give it a go xx