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Outlander Book/TV Show Review!

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Today I want to talk about a recent obsession of mine, inspired by the wonderful Sasha from abookutopia. OUTLANDER!!


Words cannot express how much I loved this book, and the first season of the tv show came pretty close. For those of you who are yet to experience the wonders that is Outlander, this novel (previously called Cross Stitch) by Diana Gabaldon, follows the adventures of Claire Randall. Claire is a nurse during WWII, during which time she was unable to see her husband Frank very often. After the war, Frank and Claire take a trip to the Scottish Highlands to reconnect. Whilst exploring some ancient standing stones near Inverness, Claire is transported back in time to 1743. This is where the real excitement starts, and she comes across Jamie Fraser (sigh!). Diana Gabaldon's writing truly fleshes out both the characters and their surroundings, creating such a vivid story.
In short, if you have not read Outlander yet, READ IT!

Similarly, season one of Outlander was incredible. It stuck extremely close to the book for the most part, and further enhanced my new-found love of the Scottish Highlands. I would recommend reading the book first, of course, as I found this really enriched my viewing experience. However, if you find that massive novel a tad daunting, the show is a great way to start!

Book rating: 5/5
TV series rating: 4.75/5


Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, what a read! Despite the amount of action bundled up in this book, due to it's size, Gabaldon managed to ensure that it never felt rushed, or as though too much was happening at once. I absolutely adored every single character in this book. And, I mean, Jamie. What more can I say. The only time I was concerned about the nature of Jamie's character was when he whipped Claire in punishment. At first I was like nooooo Jamie what are you doing you terrible man. However, as I considered it, I reminded myself that we were in 1743, and despite Jamie's actions still being awful, he was extremely kind for that time period.
The story really ended in an unexpected way. I cannot even comprehend what happened to Jamie, and was in absolute agony reading the ordeal of their arrival in France. But now I am super duper excited for a little baby Jamie-Claire in the next book!!!

In regards to the book-tv show comparison, I was extremely impressed. I found it very accurate in the significant aspects of the plot, and nearly every character was as I imagined them when reading (especially Jamie ;)).
The only minor criticism I would give the show was some of the portrayal of Claire. I was watching the series with my parents, neither of whom had read the book before. Whilst I didn't have the need to explain much to them as the story went, they did say that they found Claire a very annoying character. Initially I didn't understand this, mostly due to my bias for the book. But as I considered their points I did begin to notice that Claire was more annoying in the show that in the book. At no point whilst reading Outlander did I find myself frustrated at Claire, however in the show she seemed slightly over-dramatised. This is evidently due to the nature of tv series - they need drama for people to engage entirely. So this small fault I can easily forgive.

Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the Outlander book and tv series! Also feel free to suggest any reviews you'd like me to write, or any book recommendations you may have.

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